LinkedIn courses

"If you have the knowledge, everything is easy"

Right? But just like any other type of training, as soon as you hire a professional, both you and the company will take an extra step forward. There is really no difference when it comes to training or gaining success for the company using LinkedIn. Taking in external help usually pays off quickly. 

We carry out tailored training programs for various executives and employees in your company. Shorter or longer, it can also be performed as webinars or online courses. We are used to all variants. 

We are weekly hired by companies who want to conduct more concrete workshops ranging from half a day to several days. Mostly because the company has a specific need and wants advice and assistance with specific topics regarding LinkedIn. Within HR, market and sales as well as for management and boards.

Open courses
3-5 times a year we conduct open courses on half a day and full day. So, are you self-employed, or responsible for the company's social media channels, or simply decided to build your own personal brand with the help of LinkedIn, our courses are usually good. 

Open webinars
Now in 2017, we will conduct webinars with some more basic information about LinkedIn's opportunities. To know when these will be implemented, we recommend that you follow us on our own LinkedIn page and sign up for our newsletter.