Our work covers a wide range of services. We can act as your outsourced digital marketing department whit hiring one of our inbound marketing consultants on shorter or longer assignments. This can include workshops, courses and consulting. 

Courses och workshops

- From strategy, goal to tactical activities - 

Most of our assignments begin with several courses and workshops to make a digital situation analysis, SWOT, and a tactical action plan. Based on this we usually have a few workshops to develop the company's digital inbound marketing strategy.

But we are also conduct tailored courses and workshops on specific topics based on the company's challenges, goals, and plans. Our CEO Annica Thorberg is also a frequently hired speaker at conferences, business networking events and management teams and company boards.

You can read more about our LinkedIn courses here.

Content Marketing for the web and social media B2B

- We create business-oriented content that generates leads - 

Is your company one of many that does'nt really know what kind of content you should write in your channels and don't have time for anything other than to write about what happens in your own business? Then we hope you will continue reading. 

You are not alone. Most companies feel this way when it comes to their digital and social media channels. And most companies don't even have a few dedicated people who do this or manage projects like this.

Content marketing is about so much more than simply update your own channels whit news about your own company. The focus should be on useful content that makes the companies your business want to do business with like and want to learn more about. Adding a clear content strategy to the overall inbound marketing strategy can completely determine how many conversions to leads your business may have on the site. The right kind of content marketing will convert your potential customers to brand ambassadors if it's done right.

How can we help?
We are mostly hired as a digital marketing department to develop useful business content. Suggest, write, add to the media, offers and campaigns. It can be anything from manage social media channels, updat the web, write blog posts, whitepapers and e-books that then are marketed in order to increase the number of incoming leads for you. Good, right?

Your digital marketing department

- A bridge between market and sales -

Inbound marketing is right for almost every B2B company. Inbound marketing is an ongoing process that provides a stronger growth over time. 

We can help you with all of the aspects from composing the strategy, streamline social media channels and create content that drives prospects to the company's website.

If you want to read more, klick here. 

Open courses and lectures

- To evolve is to grow - 

We conduct ongoing open courses and lectures. You can find the information here when it's relevant.

Customized programs
We mostly do customized workshops, courses and lectures for companies, business networks, conferences and customer events. Get in touch so we can sort your ideas and thoughts...

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